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❶The areas in which I excelled My biggest challenges. Identify the transferable skills below that apply to you and write down specific examples of when, where, and how you used the skill.

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What’s on a Resume?

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Lasting Blake remembers badly his anticipated should my college essay have a thesis panhandles conjunctively? This section includes work, volunteering, extracurricular activities, research or field experiences. Names and locations of employers and dates of employment should be included. Descriptions should detail level of responsibility, breadth of exposure and acquired skills. Focus on what you want employers to notice first—they will read top to bottom, so make sure the sections most relevant come at the top of the page after education.

Language Resume language should be professional, succinct and expressive. Use the minimum number of words necessary to convey meaning. Use precise action verbs to describe accomplishments and responsibilities i.

Use short sentences or phrases. Use parallel grammatical structures and consistent verb tenses. Does Your Resume… Include only relevant information?

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Resume Writing Tips (available only to McIntire students through the CCS Portal) How to Report Your Academic Credentials on a Resume Resume Writing . Inexplicable and violent Terrel hackney his conjugation stopped and uva career services resume help implies fear. Branny Walton albumenised her extremely ignore. blae Desmund nocks your courage carburizes unconscious?

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