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❶Articulate and discuss significant undergraduate experiences in terms of the social value of transferable learning. Peer Career Advisors help DePaul students and alumni jump start the job and internship search process, prepare for interviews, and determine the best Career Center services to assist in your search.

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The format of your resume must be clean and easy to read. The key contact information to share is your name, e-mail address, phone number and a link to your LinkedIn profile. There is no need to include your physical address.

Most candidates highlight their ability to communicate, get along with people and build relationships in their career summaries. Although this is important, recruiters want to know what your sweet spot is. When people think of you professionally, what comes to mind?

If you are an IT consultant, you probably have strong experience assessing current information system infrastructures and providing custom solutions that meet client needs and business objectives. Use tables to highlight technical skills and other competencies vs. Now that you know what recruiters like to see on resumes, here are five things that make recruiters cringe:. If you choose to include a company description, try to limit it to one sentence.

Including more than one sentence takes up valuable white space and will lose the interest of the reader. Adding an objective statement is out-of-date and will not help you stand out from the crowd. By applying for an open position, you are implying that you are looking for a new opportunity that will utilize your skills and career interests at a specific company.

Make it easier on employers, and yourself, by offering your references early on. In some cases, employers will automatically ask for references either on the job application, or after they have decided to extend you an offer of employment.

Be sure to double and triple check your resume. Print it out and read each word out loud to make sure that it reads perfectly. Consider sending it to a friend to review as well. You need to demonstrate to the reader that you pay close attention to detail.

To ensure that your resume is quality and impressive, keep in mind some of the guiding principles of teacher resume writing when composing it. When reviewing your resume, the first question the hiring committee will seek to answer is whether you are certified and, if so, in what field. If they have to mount an archaeological dig to unearth the information, they may simply discard your resume.

When listing your certifications, including not just the technical names of each, but also what grades and subjects each certification qualifies you to teach. Also include the date each certification was issued and the date each will expire. Focus on action in your experience section through the effective use of action verbs.

When you list your responsibilities under each former employer or student teaching experience site, start each with a strong action verb. Prove that you are hip to the latest trends in education by peppering your resume with buzz words. If possible, use terms like team teaching, balanced literacy, interdisciplinary learning and thematic unit when describing your previous experience.

By including these trendy terms, you can prove that you are up on the current practices in education and motivated to innovate your instruction as trends change. Consider pulling out one or two concise quotations and placing them prominently on your resume. Put a particularly glowing sentence or two at the bottom of your resume, citing the source appropriately so the resume reader can gather further information.

To dress your resume up with more than one quote, create a thin column on the far left of your resume and populate it with some quotations, placing the rest of the resume contents in the larger right-side column. She has been actively freelancing since Schreiner previously worked for a London-based freelance firm.

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Get job search and resume help on-campus at the DePaul Career Center, including career advising and peer advising. Offices are located on both campuses.

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DePaul’s Career Center provides students, alumni and employers with opportunities to connect. No matter where you are in your career search - we can help.

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Elements of a successful resume Your resume is a key marketing tool, and a major piece in your toolkit. Your resume puts a spotlight on your personal brand and promotes you as an ideal candidate to potential employers. Our Career Center is here to help you navigate the university's resources so you can network, build your resume, create professional relationships, find events, workshops and job fairs, student worker positions and other internship opportunities. DePaul Career .

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No matter where you are in your career search, whether it’s deciding on a career path, making a career change or preparing for your first job interview, DePaul's Career Center can help! Students and alumni for up to one year after graduation may utilize the Career Center to get career advice, improve resume and interview skills, search for a. Learn more about the Kellstadt Career Management Center's services Driehaus College of Business Undergraduate Admission: DePaul University Admission 1 E. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, IL () [email protected]